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Riho Akagi

Riho Akagi was born in 1992 in Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. She studied at the Tokyo College of Music high school from 2008 to 2011, Tokyo College of Music from 2011 to 2015 and graduated from Tokyo College of Music Master of Music from 2015 to 2017. In 2017 she studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for the Short Term Music Programme (Piano Solo). In 2020 she graduated postgraduate from the Piano Accompaniment course with distinction and She also got a Concert Recital Diploma (CRD) with award for high distinction in her final recital! after graduated she had fellowship staff at GSMD. She is currently a freelance professional collaborative pianist / accompanist at GSMD.and she is enjoying to work as a multi pianist and piano tutor based in UK and Japan. She has studied under variety of professors including Reiko Kikuchi, Yukiko Hironaka, Hiroshi Kurokawa, Noriko Ogawa, Laura Roberts for piano, David Takeno, Gordon Back, Carole Presland, Caroline Palmer for Chamber Music, She joined Ruby Philogene’s class as piano accompanist. Masami Unno for solfege, Rick Overton for Jazz and Hisako Naito for Japanese Koto, giving her a great amount of depth to her playing. "She performed her music ‘Shining Dream’ at the Junior original concert in Numazu 2004. When she was 11 years old." Riho attended the international summer seminar at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna as well as Tokushima Bunri University from 2010 to 2012. Internationally she has performed concerts at the Xi’an Music Academy in 2007, for the University of Music and Performing Arts at the Liszt Saar concert hall in Vienna in 2009, in a concert of Oboe and piano music at the Kuakini Medical Center in 2010 in Hawaii, and in the Schubert House, Birthplace Concert, in 2012. Riho also received first prize in the Rose Piano Competition 2013 and third prize in the 8th Beten Music Competition. She was invited to perform at the 2012, 2014,2015 and 2018 LEFA Concert series in Mishima, the 2015 Tokyo College of Music Alumni Association of Shizuoka Prefecture and the 32nd Newcomer Concert of the Eastern District of Shizuoka. These concerts included both solo and chamber repertoire. In 2015 she had the opportunity to have lessons with the concert pianist Peter Jablonski in Japan. 2016 was a busy year as she gave a solo performance in a Newcomer Musician Concert in Shizuoka and she received a scholarship to study on the Tokyo Exchange Course at the world renowned Guildhall School of Drama and Music in London, where she studied under Ronan O’Hora, Noriko Ogawa, Caroline Palmer and Laura Roberts. After completing this short course in London, she performed in a joint concert at Otakumin Plaza on December 2016. She appeared in several Japanese Koto concerts for the past two years. She performed Oboe and Piano Duo Concert at Ebisu Art Cafe Friends on May 2017. She had some lessons with Peter Jablonski from 2017. At the Guildhall she performed in a Pianists & Composers 2 Pianos Concert on September, Shakespeare Concert on October, a Postgraduate Piano Concert on November, Pianos at Six on November 2017, Contemporary 2 Pianos Concert on January 2018, Postgraduate pianos on January, Violin and Piano Lunch time Concert in February. She performed Mini Concert at Mishima on April 2018, Piano Concert for Kindergarten Students on June 2018, Oboe and Piano Duo Concert at Geijutsukanoie Studio in Meguro on July 2018 and Piano Concert in music class on July 2018. At the Guildhall she performed in a songs at six directed by Richard Jackson, Songs At Six Great American Songbook, Pre-LSO Czech Songs in the Barbican Hall , She performed Bailarines by Sam Peña at the world premiere for Dance Music for Piano Duo directed by Noriko Ogawa, Culture, Heritage & Libraries Committee Dinner 2019 at Haberdashers’ Hall, Double Pianos Concerto by Mozart K.365 with Jack Wong and Horton Chamber Orchestra, Instrumental Duos A Concert directed by Gordon Back, The Ivan Sutton Award 2019,Songs at Six : Spanish Song on 2019, Folkestone Book Festival’Words & Music Time Machine Events-1966: Caribbean & England with Imogen Stubbs,Alex Jennings and Ruby Philogene. Directed by Sean Doran, City of Angels directed by Ian Burnside at Milton Court Concert Hall, and She gave a prize wining performance in The Emmy Destinn Young Singers Awards 2019 with Mark Bautista. Who won Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak Music Prize.She has taken several master classes and chamber music recital. In 2020 She had Monday Piano Solo Recital at St Lawrence Jewry next Guildhall, Opera Scenes Directed by Dafydd Hall-Williams and Music Direction by Peter Robinson at Milton Court Concert Hall. Beside that, She performed lots of collaborative Duos, Song Concerts in 2019,2020 before Pandemic. It was scheduled to be performed at the Wigmore Hall in March 2020 in ‘Side-by-side’ with The Prince Consort, LSO Discovery : Dukas at LSO St Luke’s, and Riho Akagi Recital with Friends at St.Stephen Walbrook, London. During the pandemic, she organized concert and participated in projects as a soloist and accompanist, providing online lessons and recordings. While doing activities as a pianist, she is a piano tutor and teaching Eurhythmics at a nursery school and some places in Japan. She had Various combinations of Duo, Trio, Other Ensembles for Chamber Music and Accompaniment.